Emirates Internet Group http://uaegroup.net/ The Emirates Group en Emirates Internet Group http://uaegroup.net/jd/images/logo.png http://uaegroup.net/ 250 103 The ICANN global granted international recognition of the Emirates Internet Group http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=21 Chairman of the Federal National Council will meet Emirates Internet Group http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=22 Emirates Internet Group receive formal recognition / ISOC / http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=23 Kuwait's Emir & Prince receives Khalid bin Thani http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=24 TRA Honors Internet Emirates Group http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=25 The signing of a cooperation agreement with the Association of Down syndrome Down http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=26 Meeting with the Bahrain Internet Society http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=27 Group meeting with Dubai eGovernment http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=28 Official Opening of the group http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=29 "Youth Parliament", hosted by the Emirates Internet Group http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=30 Meeting with the president of Sudan for the Internet http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=31 Competitions of the best idea of electronic Arabic for 2006 http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=32 Seminar for students of the summer at a police station Alrehpa http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=33 Report on the Delegation of the امارات. (“Emarat”) domain representing United Arab Emirates toTRA & Emirates Internet Group http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=34 The signing of a cooperation agreement with the Association of Moroccan initiatives http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=35 Text proposed by the APRALO on the joint working group ccNSO / GNSO IDN TLDs http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=36 Honoring the Emirates Internet Group http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=37 visit Olivier MJ Crepin From ICANN http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=38 AIGF http://www.uaegroup.net/index.php?index=news&id=39