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Content Management System

CMSmajority of websites that we design include a Content Management System (CMS) - allowing you to update the content yourself, including changes to the menu structure, addition and removal of pages and editing content.

Our Content Management Systems are stable, comprehensive and are search engine friendly. All Content Management Systems come with the following benefits:

  • Saves time - your team can access the Content Management System control panel and make quick changes in-house without the need to involve anyone technical.
  • Easy to use - our Content Management Systems are designed to be used by non-technical staff.
  • Improves the website - making changes to your content will keep the content fresh, announcing special offers and new products an also encourage visitors to return to the website time after time.
  • Quality control - our Content Management Systems come with a preview features allowing you to see how the changes will look prior to publishing them on your website.
  • Manageable - some of our Content Management Systems allow you to set up different administrators with different permissions. This simple feature means that different departments of your company can edit their own pages.

With all Content Management Systems, Emirates Internet Group provide in-depth training to help your staff quickly learn how to use the website to its full capacity.

Our Content Management Systems can also include international support (allowing for different versions of pages based on geographical region) and multi-lingual support (that allows users to switch the content to the language of their choice).

To see examples of our Content Management Solutions you may wish to see our portfolio or contact our team for more information and pricing.


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