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Training Courses

Take care of the student is able to absorb the material and be able to use what he learned in his work
Many of those who provide materials business (he needs the pretext of the market) offer Mairead student to learn to open the market to its niche

What EIG Provide Courses In These fields

 Programming & Database
Web Development
  •  Software & System Analysis and Design
  • Debugger Programming bugs
  • Optimizing Projects
  • Visual Studio C#, VB
  • Database Design(SQL,Access)

  • PHP & Mysql
  • ASP.Net
  • Html , CSS , Javascript ,Ajax
  • Server's Management & CMS control
  • Prepare To Zend
Cambridge Diploma in IT (CID-IT)
Open Source Courses
  •  Linux Operation System
  • Google Services
  • Personal Information Security(PIS)
  • Google Apps


we know what Difference between Programmer & IT Employee.

Web Development

We change and put Standards. To come web

People of Special needs

many people like life but them miss some thing we support them.


it's your chooes to be your work as better change your minds to get Profit (Time & money)
Short Time High quality.