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Text proposed by the APRALO on the joint working group ccNSO / GNSO IDN TLDs

Text proposed by the APRALO on the joint working group ccNSO / GNSO IDN TLDs 
one character 
The issue 
In its resolution of August 2011, the Board of Directors of ICANN said he did not want to include 
-IDN TLDs (top level domains - internationalized domain name) in the new 
gTLD process, and this, in the first round of applications. 
The Board of Directors of ICANN agrees of course, and enthusiastically, 
comments of people in the Asia-Australasia-Pacific that would be affected by this 
decision. We encourage users may be affected to send us their comments. 
The inclusion of TLD IDN single character has been the subject of many heated discussions in 
the community. Further discussion and consensus, resulted from the group's business 
joint working SO (Working Group CNSO and GNSO), and between ICANN and the At- 
Scripting language in the Asia-Pacific Australasia mostly use characters 
Unique to mean words / terms and other concepts. 
Invitation to Comment 
The APRALO invites its members to seek input in their respective countries. You 
are for or against the inclusion of IDN-TLD to a single character in the new gTLD process, we 
You are invited to send us your comments. You feel that your community is 
was injured by the non-inclusion of IDN-TLD to a single character in the first session of 
Feel free to send us a comment read in your language. 
For more information, visit the workspace At-Large for the ccNSO joint working group 
and GNSO IDN-TLD for a single character - in November 2011.


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