Internet Emirates Group

The signing of a cooperation agreement with the Association of Moroccan initiatives

Cooperation Agreement

• Considerations of the objectives and principles of the Emirates Internet Group to develop the Arabic content of the Internet and support NGOs in the Arab countries in the field of Information Technology.
• According to the requirements of the Basic Law of theAssociation Mpadat Without Borders special section on its objectives .
• Aware of harming his efforts on components of civil society, international and national employment resources and their means to achieve sustainable social development and to contribute to contribute to help social groups in need.
• As the Internet is of the pillars of success of any process of development in volunteer work, and became the Internet as well impose itself as a privilege granted to the exchange and sharing of information between the association and supported as a means of advocacy and defense issues and the promotion of its objectives.

• Aeltsiq joint organization of courses and training events and awareness-raising on the Internet.
• the involvement of the Emirates Internet Group in the preparation, formulation and implementation of the digital convoy.
• To participate in the framing of training courses in administrative management and educational for the benefit of NGOs Alomartip.
• Joint Coordination and organizing trips inside the Kingdom of Morocco

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